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UPDATED saturday !!! 08 November 2014 NEW!!! 3 M food dragon city

: 5 M FOOD . Requires: Level 1
UPDATED saturday !!! 26/7/ 2014 -> Free Random Gems FOR monster Legends : GEMS SV0 GEMS SV1
UPDATED Thursday !!! 24/7/ 2014 STARTED !!! BUG FOOD SV0 (Newest) BUG FOOD SV2 BIG FOOD SV3(recommended) BIG FOOD SV4 (recommended)

Buy Monster Legends Gems at: NEW TOOL Gems ML

Food, gold , xp MONSTER LEGENDS only at Food,Gold,Xp ML

Dragon City



Code by Vu : fb.com/vutrans

Sell gems Dragon City via paypal and Western Union
Via Paypal: write mail to trandainghiaisavipboy@gmail.com
Via Western Union: send money follow my detail:
Name: Tran Huu Nghia
Country: Viet Nam
After that, write mail to provide me transaction code, facebook id and session id.
Gems DC price: 5,5 USD = 1000 gems
11 USD = 2100 gems
22 USD = 4500 gems
Bigger package gems have cheaper price
NOTICE: Dont ask me for free. Talk me please will waste your time.